At The Craic & Blonde, we like to
celebrate and blend cultures at every meal!

PIKLIZ: The passion and flavor of Haiti!

Enter a Haitian kitchen and smile at the mélange of delicious aromas from succulent braised pork shoulder, twice-fried salty plantains, and hearty rice & beans. Add to that, pikliz [PICK-lese], a refreshingly sweet and spicy blend of pickled vegetables + habanero peppers.  

Pikliz is a traditional Haitian condiment that is mouthwatering and robust in heat + flavor, awakening nearly all your senses. It's the perfect Haitian accent to every savory dish, no matter the culture it belongs to.

Get some pikliz and we assure you, you will experience Haitian cuisine! Among the stores that carry our pikliz are Formaggio in the South End, Commonwealth in Cambridge, Shubies in Marblehead, American Provisions in South Boston... Or find it in our growing list of stores or order some online.

And in case you're wondering, our pikliz is vegan, gluten free, and does not contain added preservatives.

5.9 oz Pikliz (shipping included)

Pikliz - a traditional Haitian condiment is excellent with all things savory! From a topping on white rice to your favorite cheese, it'll raise the heat and flavor of your dish pleasantly + deliciously!

Start with topping your meal with a little bit of pikliz (about 1 teaspoon) and increase as you desire. 

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